The Feasts Of Fall Are Coming


Autumn is one of my favorite times of year. Everything around me changes from the scenery and the smells, right down to the way the air feels against my skin. I love every facet of Fall and all of it glorious change. Jill and I have begun prepping for it already on our sim and at home. Some say it’s too early but where I live, our trees have already begun to drop their leaves and the nights and mornings have taken on that telltale “nip.” That is my cue to go wild!

Today I am highlighting the dining area because it is one of my favorite places to be this time of year. Tucked up around the table with friends, family and an abundance of rich and rustic Fall fare.


Scarlet Creative Moon Rise Cottage

Apple Fall

Revival – Convent Table & Benches

Just BECAUSE – Autumn Arrangement  (Pumpkins on floor)

Jian – Darlington Planter (In Fireplace)

Pixel Mode

  • Rustic Candle (In Fireplace)
  • Curtains & Wall Hook/Rods
  • Alina Chair w/Pillow

Tarte – Candelabra (Tinted)

Bazar – Place settings (From Forest dining Set)

Soy – Pothos Plants (Modified Planters from Apple Fall)

Atomic – Cauldron (Modifies to include plant) Link leads to MP listing, I can’t find these in world.

Lisp – Faded Summer Rug









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