Simple Charm

Simple Charms

I love sun-rooms, love, love them. So the temptation to build a light and simple living space was overwhelming when Jill and I moved into this gorgeous Redgrave home. This is a large room with numerous windows so I wanted to keep the design open and uncluttered with lots of light, perfect for a nap in a summer sunbeam or lazing around with your favorite someone.

Aria – Nixie Linen Sofa (Tex Change)
Nixie Cashmere Throw (Tex Change)
Roman Blinds (Text Change)

[Schultz Bros] Cubed Coffee Table

Dust Bunny – Papasan Chair & Stool (Tex Change)

Brocante – Throw Rug (Texture Change)

Lisp – Rug (Grey shown, comes in a set “Faded Summer Rugs”)

Junk – Peacock Prints

KEKE – Glass Art

Apple Fall – Reaching Plant (Gacha)

Scarlet Creative – Nerites Hanging Lamp

Soy – Plants, Potted Pothos
Triangle Terrarium

[DDD] – Darlington Planter (Used in FP/ Tex Change)

Pixel Mode – Rustic Candles

Half Deer– Neatly Folded Blankets

Floorplan – Coastal Sideboard (Tex Change)

Vespertine – Aviary (Rare from Gacha) In world location currently unavailable. Try MP or Gacha resell for this item.

Zaara – Book Stack (Gacha)

Vagabond– Pearls Birdie Cage

Ispachi – Cherished Moments Gacha Rage “Paws & Claws” No in world store found but this item can often be found on the MP or gacha resell.

Home used is the Lakeview House w/Sunroom from Redgrave


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